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The Utility Guard® glove clip features the same safety features and robust design as the Glove Guard® clip but uses a belt clip instead of a small clamp to attach to the user.
To use, simply slip the belt clip over your belt, waistband, or pocket and attach your gloves, towel, or earmuffs to the large clamp.
Glove Guard®, Utility Guard®, and Handi Klip® glove clips all use interlocking teeth to securely grasp your gloves, towel, clothes, or anything else you attach to them.
The Redundant Safety Breakaway: Helps prevent individuals from being pulled into machinery. Helps prevent individuals from being pulled off balance if gloves snag while climbing a ladder.

Note: If a breakaway occurs, the product has done its job!
Do not jeopardize its integrity by altering the product. 

Choose from a selection of one of our 9 commonly used safety slogans designed to enhance your safety programs and to remind workers of the importance of safety.

Stop Hand Injuries
Safety A Team Effort
Gloves A Hands Best Friend
Goal: Zero Hand Injuries
Keep Gloves Handy
Give Safety A Hand
Think Safety
Get A "Grip" On Safety!
Safety First

(For quantities over 200, call for quote)

Also available Blank or with a Custom Logo or Slogan