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6" LOAD RATING 55 lbs (25 kg) 
9" LOAD RATING 77 lbs (35 kg) 
12" LOAD RATING 220 lbs (100 kg) 
15" LOAD RATING 340 lbs (155 kg) 

The CableSafe® safety hook is an ultra-strong, easy to use cable management solution. The open-ended design allows for quick, one-handed installation, while still providing up to a 340 lb load rating from the glass-filled polyester material. The molded-in holes at each end allow you to secure the hook and cables with plastic cable ties.

  • Reduce tripping hazards by getting items up and off walking surface
  • Extremely easy to suspend cables, hoses and other work lines
  • Used in place of ropes, lashing or cable ties
  • Available in 4 sizes: 6", 9", 12" or 15"
  • Long life and service free