Your Cooler Just Got Kewler!

The KewlLid® cover is a support lid that is made to fit over the top of a 55-gallon drum or 44-gallon trash can to hold your beverage cooler in place while providing a trash receptacle and room for cups and single-serve drink mixes.

It is perfect for the petrochemical, refining, construction or any business that has workers outdoors. It is also ideal for sports teams, youth leagues, parks, golf courses and anywhere you find active people outdoors in need of hydration.

Proper hydration is vital for health and well-being and with the KewlLid® cover your hydration station can be consolidated to a single space-saving 'tower'. Also, since using the KewlLid® cover provides a space for cups, single-serve drink mixes and a trash receptacle it can increase productivity!

Bottled water costs over 100 times as much as tap water per gallon and is no healthier or cleaner than tap water. In fact, bottled water isn't as tightly regulated as tap and can have more contaminants or bacteria. Bottles also create a huge environmental problem from both their production and disposal. Be Environmentally Responsible!

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