Utility Bag™

The Soft Pouch Utility Bag™ safety tote is made of a soft fabric with drawstring closure and is perfect for safety glasses, flashlights, and water bottles.

The Open Mesh Utility Bag™ tote has an open weave design for visibility and breathability and uses Velcro® hook and loop closure. The Open Mesh bag is perfect for gas monitors and hand tools.

The Eyeglass Utility Bag™ tote is a soft, formed, zippered case to hold your prescription glasses, safety glasses or sunglasses while not in use.

The Utility Bag™ totes feature the patented safety breakaway to prevent the bags from pulling someone off balance if snagged. All of the Utility Bag™ lines are available with either the small Glove Guard® end (clamp) or with the Utility Guard® belt clip.