GLOVE GUARD Hunters Pack - #1939HUNT

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Hunters, gear up! Keep your gear, not just gloves, handy and organized with these popular clips. The Glove Guard Hunter’s Pack includes 3 high viz orange and 2 olive green, high-quality Glove Guard clips. Clip extra gloves, caps, ski masks, and other frequently used items to your backpack, coats, ATVs, pants, or use them to hang your damp gear after a full day in the elements. 


  • Attach Gloves, Hats, Masks, and other hiking items to your pants, jacket, and backpacks.
  • Reduces gear loss by securing unused items to your person or bag.
  • Hang damp gear to dry after a full day in the elements.
  • Keep extra towels, gloves, and caps secure on ATVs for when needed.