Ear Kaddy - #EK10

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The Ear Kaddy™ strap is designed to relieve pain around the ears caused by prolonged use of a face mask. With its lightweight and comfortable design, the Ear Kaddy™ strap secures your mask so your ears don’t have to.


The Ear Kaddy™ Strap is used by placing on the back of the head and looping the straps of a mask up and over your preferred notch.


  • Color: Black
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Composition: Plastic
  • 32mm x 185mm
  • 10 per bag
  • 0.13 oz
  • Relieves stress around the ears caused by wearing a mask
  • Lightweight and flexible design makes for a comfortable fit
  • Multiple hooks make for a one size fits all application
  • Ideal for Health, Industrial, and Food Industries

Thank you to all of you who take that extra step to protect others from Covid-19. We understand that wearing a mask isn't the most practical, nor is it always comfortable. That's why Glove Guard decided to manufacture the Ear Kaddy™ strap here in the United States.