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Various safety slogans in mixed colors. We will choose the mix. We will provide at least 3 different clip colors and slogan combinations. Designed to enhance your safety programs and to remind workers of the importance of safety.

Colors: Black, Blue, Red, Green, Olive Green, Lime Green, Granite, Blaze Orange, Purple, High Vis Pink, Yellow, High Vis Yellow.

Slogans: Stop Hand Injuries, Safety A Team Effort, Gloves A Hands Best Friend, Goal: Zero Hand Injuries, Keep Gloves Handy, Give Safety A Hand, Think Safety, Get A "Grip" On Safety!, Safety First

 The Glove Guard® glove clip -the original and only one with the patented safety breakaway design. For over ten years it has proven that its implementation can drastically reduce glove replacement costs and hand injuries because workers will have their gloves with them when needed. To use, simply clip the small end around your belt loop or directly to your clothing and clip the large end to your gloves.

Utility Guard glove clip - the top piece slips easily and snugly over a belt or a heavy waistband. The clamp end attaches to a variety of glove sizes and other articles such as cloth sleeve protectors, mechanic towels, ear muffs, water bottles, and much more. The Utility Guard® clip holds just about anything it can get a grip on!

Also available Blank or with a Custom Logo or Slogan 

(For quantities over 200, call for quote)